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penggunaan modal "should"

teman - teman, jika lupa dengan penggunaan modal " should " bisa lihat di bawah ini, saya mencopy paste dari blog orang lain tapi maaf saya lupa dengan  nama akunnya.


                   Should is most commonly used to make recommendations or give advice. It can also be used to express obligation as well as expectation.
  • When you go to Berlin, you should visit the palaces in Potsdam. recommendation
  • You should focus more on your family and less on work. advice
  • I really should be in the office by 7:00 AM. obligation
  • By now, they should already be in Dubai. expectation

   Using "Should" in Present, Past, and Future

         Most modal verbs behave quite irregularly in the past and the future. Study the chart below to learn how "should" behaves in different contexts.
Modal Use
Positive Forms
1. = Present   2. = Past   3. = Future
Negative Forms
1. = Present   2. = Past   3. = Future
You can
also use:
recommendation, advisability
1. People with high cholesterol should eat low-fat foods.
2. Frank should have eaten low-fat foods. That might have prevented his heart attack.
3. You really should start eating better.
1. Sarah shouldn't smoke so much. It's not good for her health.
2. Sarah shouldn't have smoked so much. That's what caused her health problems.
3. Sarah shouldn't smoke when she visits Martha next week. Martha hates when people smoke in her house.
ought to
I should be at work before 9:00.
We should return the video before the video rental store closes.
"Should" can also express something between recommendation and obligation. "Be supposed to" expresses a similar idea and can easily be used in the past or in negative forms.
be supposed to
1. Susan should be in New York by now. 
2. Susan should have arrived in New York last week. Let's call her and see what she is up to.
3. Susan should be in New York by next week. Her new job starts on Monday.
1. Susan shouldn't be in New York yet.
2. Susan shouldn't have arrived in New York until yesterday.
3. Susan shouldn't arrive in New York until next week.
ought to,
be supposed to

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untung tidak ya punya HP baru??????

Apabila teman-teman ingin mempertimbangkan untuk membeli HP baru, teman- teman boleh klik di sini :

media pembelajaran

Simple Future Tense
Krisdayanti is going to sing on the stage tonight. Before the show begins, the crew will prepare everything dealing with the show. They will set up a wide strong stage, they will do a lot of things such as, lightening arrangement, audio system and proper save guard. Those are done in order that the audiences will enjoy the show comfortable.

Focus on grammar
*  Pay attention to they underlined verbs of the short text above.They are future forms.
*  We have two common forms of future:
1.      Future with “ will + verb 1”
2.      Future with “be (is, am, are) + going to + verb 1

* We use future to indicate something / activity which will happen in the future.
A.    We use “ be going to + V1” to indicate a plan or scheduled activity.
            Ex.:      -  I am going to Denpasar next week.
                        -  Yudi is going to come to my house tonight.

B.     We use “will + verb 1” to indicate a promise or willingness.
            Ex.:      - I will go with you next week.
                        - Ani will buy a new bag next time.

  The pattern of future:

( + ) S + is, am, are + going to + V1
        S + Will + V1
(-)    S + is, am, are not + going to +V1
        S + Will not + Verb 1

(?)    is, am, are + going to + S + V1
         Will + S + V1

The Test:
1.  X    : Do you have any plan for your weekend?
     Y    : Sure. I .........., ”Geisha” show with my friend next Saturday night. ( See )
2.  X    : Oh my God, i forget to bring my tickets.
     Y    : Don’t worry, I........ you one of my tickets. (Give)
3.  X    : Why are you in hurry?
     Y    : I.............. to concert. I am afraid i will be late. ( Go)
4.  X    : What can Rina do with this Guitar?
     Y    : Well, she ......... singing with her friend. ( Practice)
5.   X   : What do the old people hope?
     Y    : They hope that the young people...........our own culture.( not forget).

materi pelajaran untuk anak kelas VI SD


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Media Pembelajaran Gratis

Di jaman seperti sekarang ini, banyak anak muda yang sering sekali mengalami patah hati. Alasan yang membuat mereka patah hati karena apa yang mreka inginkan tidak mereka dapatkan. Banyak sekali keinginan-keinginan anak muda jaman sekarang, seperti contoh; ingin punya kendaraan yang baru, penghasilan yang banyak, dan ingin mendapatkan sesuatu yang instan.
Facebook adalah salah satu tempat untuk curhat bagi seseorang yang mengalami patah hati. Di jejaring sosial ini kalian- kalian bisa mengekpresikan keluh kesahmu.   SO LETS TRY IT!!